The world's simplest video blog marketplace

Get user-generated video for your campaigns in seconds

Vloggi is a new way of creating and video blog campaigns. Our innovative technology allows users to create video blog posts in seconds, which can then be combined to create themed vlogs, available for licensed re-use on social media.

How it works

Ciné Souk has developed the Vloggi™ video blogging app that captures, captions and geotags short, shareable travel videos.

Our unique content management system then stitches together video clips into themed short films, based on content, destination or viewer profiles.

1. Commission

Write a brief or use one of our templates to create a vlog op for vloggers

2. Crowdsource

Wait while our vloggers respond to your brief and create content as they travel

3. Compile

Select which Vloggis you need in which order for your project.

4. Campaign

Use the content under licence either as footage or vlogs

Partnership options

Flexible pricing for flexible content creation

Each option includes access to Vloggi’s large pool of vloggers. Choose the level of service you need for your project.

1. Casual

Pay per brief posted and license on-demand

Suitable for smaller destinations and boutique travel brands

2. Campaign

Create bulk job briefs and licence vlog streams

Suitable for large travel brands and destination marketing organisations

3. Collaboration

Subscription for unlimited brief posting and discounted content licensing

Suitable for large destinations, travel brands and travel media

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